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TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS (for our presentations)

  • A headset (preferred).
  • Screen - Projector - Flipchart with colored pencils (4 different colors - flipchart).
  • Table for the laptop and a water jug or bottle.
  • CAD Communication computer will be used for conferences and / or training.
    No other computer will be used. 



Bruno Daigle is an entrepreneur, a consultant, a speaker and a corporate trainer. With a background in communication (Radio and TV host for more then fitheen years) he's been offering management consulting services, seminars and personal trainings since 2001 in North America, Europe and in Brazil since 2001. 

Based in Montreal Canada, and Rio de Janeiro Brazil, his company CAD Communication carried out delicate mandates with companies such as: Cirque du Soleil, Radio Canada, Health Canada, HSBC Bank, IBM, etc.

Or guest today definetly love to get out of is confort zone. He visited more than 35 contries, speak french, portuges and sapnish and love to fly with more than 200 skydiving jums to his credit. Among is pasion for buisness and personnel development today his all so helping organisation to developp the brazilien markets with is otter company Export Canada Brazil.   

Today's presentation, is all about ideas, tools and strategies that we hope will help you improve your "theme of the conference, ex : sales, communication, leadership, ways of dealing with change etc.)" .

So it's with great pleasure today that I introduce to you Mr. Bruno Daigle and his presentation : (name of the presentation).

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our speaker Bruno Daigle !


We were looking for a qualified communicator 
who could meet our challenge. A trainer who 
would bring a touch of interactivity with a 
solid content. 

We had 3 hours of exciting and interactive
presentation with Mr. Daigle.This was the goal 
of our organization. A person who brings rich 
content while engaging our guests in a dynamic
 learning process. Someone who could deliver 
while creating a friendly and relaxed learning 

Lieutenant-Colonel François Lagacé 
Commander of the Operations Unit 
real estate (Quebec)


Our trainings are
created and based 

on your achievement
and goals!



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Contact : (514) 581.2252 / bruno@brunodaigle.com

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