The 360º Sales and Marketing Coaching Program proposes innovative strategies that can help
you stand out of the competition.

You are a manager or the owner of a small business? Whether you are a sales representative or an individual who whishes to increase his results, this coaching program can help you to: 

  • Structure your approach.
  • Gain more by using new strategies.
  • Help you gain even more credibility and expertise.
  • Clarify your approach.
  • Influence others without pressure.
  • Increase productivity and energy.
  • Cultivate the uniqueness of your services and company.
  • Write powerful and influential texts.
  • Keep the urgency of winning.
  • Create a lasting relationship with your customers.
  • Know how to handle the attraction marketing.

360º Direct Sales and Marketing Coaching program is a winning combination
for your business ! Stand out and exploit your uniqueness.

Discover new strategies and acquire a distinct advantage!

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Our Services


We were looking for a qualified communicator 
who could meet our challenge. A trainer who 
would bring a touch of interactivity with a 
solid content. 

We had 3 hours of exciting and interactive
presentation with Mr. Daigle.This was the goal 
of our organization. A person who brings rich 
content while engaging our guests in a dynamic
 learning process. Someone who could deliver 
while creating a friendly and relaxed learning 

Lieutenant-Colonel François Lagacé 
Commander of the Operations Unit 
real estate (Quebec)


Our trainings are
created and based 

on your achievement
and goals!



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Contact : (514) 581.2252 / bruno@brunodaigle.com

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If not you'll find an excuse!!
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