A winning combination to achieve your goals!

Vision - Action - Results

Today's world requires strong individuals, sure of their identity and skills. The constant evolution of technologies, products and services requires constant adaptation!


Our direct coaching program is oriented toward strategies that will effectively improve team management, sales, customer relations and effective influential communications .. This winning combination is based on these clear objectives:

  • Help you achieve your personal and professional goals.
  • Manage your team more effectively.
  • Increase your sales and upgrade your customer services.
  • Improve your marketing approach.
  • Help you express yourself more effectively in any circumstances
    and influence others. 




360º Direct Coaching Program offers personal guidance towards 
inevitable results.


Personnel management represents a major challenge with complex issues. Our Business Coaching Program is a winning combination for improved results!

Discover an innovative technique that can quickly help you stand out from competition. This coaching program will help you increase your results !!

Are you effective, persuasive and confident when you speak in public? Do you know how to respond effectively to the media on camera or in front of a microphone ? Expand this talent and communicate more effectively when delivering your message!


This is a winning option towards the accomplishment of your dreams. Take advantage of this occasion and offer you this gift because you are your best investment !

There are no better moment for investing in your development.
Now is the best time to take action. 

  • Realization of your financial freedom
  • Fulfillment of your dreams
  • Health and physical fitness
  • Professional life
  • Personal relationships

THE DIRECT COACHING PROGRAM is based on 4 basics.

  • Identification
  • Vision
  • Planning
  • Action


 ''No problem can be solved from the same level
of consciousness that created it'' Albert Einstein


I have solicited CAD Communication and his "Direct Coaching Program". This proved to be a profitable move ! Thanks to Mr. Bruno Daigle's valuable collaboration. This program is very effective. His professional support all along the process made the difference. I am now better equipped to realize my objectives. I recommend it to all, especially those who hesitate!''

Gerard Lemair, President,
Fondrémy, www.fondremy.com

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Contact : (514) 581.2252 / bruno@brunodaigle.com

If it is important you will find a way...
If not you'll find an excuse!!
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