How to grow your leadership and capacity to influence others ?

How can you cooperate more closely with others and ensure your customers, employees, colleagues and bosses also have the desire to
do the same ?


Available in 60 to 120 minute conferences or training sessions of
1/2 or 
full day training.

What types of messages your communications are
transmitting ?

  • Do others get the message that you really want to communicate ?
  • Would your life be different if your colleagues, clients, employees responded to you with respect, admiration and by wanting to help you achieve your goals and objectives? 
  • Would your life be different if you could reduce the numbers of meetings and achieve more during the time saved ?

If you knew what impression each of your communications leaves on
your audience, you could make every situation turn to your advantage. 
This could result in: 

  • Less tension, anxiety and stress at all levels.
  • Less (or none) negative confrontations.
  • Less (or none) misunderstandings and missed opportunities.
  • A multiplication mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Saving of time and energy !

Know how to connect, expose your ideas and receive the answers
you hope for.
In a world of informations, more than ever the need for workers with
language and social relations skills are essential.



  • Use your personal assets in the most avantagous way. Overcome the fear and anxiety related to your communications with others.
  • Develop your C.A.D: Contact Authentic Durable for long and prosperous
  • Be more efficient in your daily communications.
  • Achieve your goals despite obstacles.
  • Master body language.
  • Apply the art of motivating yourself and motivate others.
  • Respond to objections.
  • Approach a sensitive subject.
  • Present your recommendations.
  • Have brilliant conversations.
  • See the positive side of things.
  • Learn the secrets of great communicators and how to adopt them.
  • Be your best marketing, expand your CAD: Contact - Authentic - Durable.
  • Look for opportunities and not safety!
  • Develop human aspect of business relationships: How to ''join your party".
  • Master the secrets of body language.
  • Know the precautions to take before a business dinner.
  • Direct communication solutions and how to help complainers.
  • To ensure constant cooperation.
  • Gain sympathy from others and your customers.
  • Ensure constant cooperation.
  • To sell ideas effectively to a small group.
  • Apply the art of a win-win negotiation.
  • Use the power of words to the fullest.
  • Use the technique of syncronisation.
  • Perfect your personal elevator pitch...
  • Feed the sense of importance of others for maximum complicity.
  • Influence the participant to move into action mode while abandoning the reaction mode.
  • Recognize the 6 characteristics of charismatic personality.
  • Be like the people that are admired and appreciated by all.

  • How to become better communicators in a changing world?
  • How to effectively integrate interpersonal communications in my professional skills?
  • How to establish lasting relationships with my work teams and / or my colleagues and clients?



  • Develop modern communication tools promoting complicity with others whether
    they are clients, colleagues and / or employees.
  • Develop skills conducive to personal and team mobilization.


Interaction, case analysis, animation, and various exercises. By engaging the participants with questions, short exercises, personal stories, examples and video clips. A conference or training session that equips participants with improve social skills for more effective communication. The world is changing quickly. Improving the way we communicate is important. Let our communications enlightenour our relationships with others !


Senior management, directors,  managers, employees, sales teams. Any one that wishes to
strengthen their relations with others and be more influential in their communications with the world!


Every day, in different
ways, you send a

A message that determines whether
or not people with whom you
exchange with will like you,
support you, enjoy working for you
or simply relate to you.

"The quality of all communication is
proportional to the responses they generate '
Be careful how you communicate with
the world around you...

Action = Reaction, it is the same with 
the way you communicate with the world.
What is it you want ? How do you ask for it 
makes all the difference in the world ! 


We were looking for a qualified communicator 
who could meet our challenge. A trainer who 
would bring a touch of interactivity with a 
solid content. 

We had 3 hours of exciting and interactive
presentation with Mr. Daigle.This was the goal 
of our organization. A person who brings rich 
content while engaging our guests in a dynamic
 learning process. Someone who could deliver 
while creating a friendly and relaxed learning 

Lieutenant-Colonel François Lagacé 
Commander of the Operations Unit 
real estate (Quebec)


Our trainings are
created and based 

on your achievement
and goals!



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